Experience Slovenia in autumn. Your way.

 2021 WTT IFS 01

Leaves are turning golden, a cold breeze brings the smell of winter and misty mornings engulf old towns in a layer of mystique.

Enjoy the autumnal colors of forests and cities, soak up the warm afternoon sun, cycle or take a walk through the vineyards, or cozy up inside; explore the tastes of Slovenia and take care of your well-being in thermal and natural spas.

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 2021 WTT IFS 03


  • Iztok Medja (photo Rakov skocjan, Small natural bridge), Slovenian Tourist Board
  • Jošt Gantar (foto Biking in White Carniola, vineyard), Slovenian Tourist Board
  • Ciril Jazbec, Tent Film (photo Foragers in nature), Slovenian Tourist Board


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